Saturday, February 28, 2009

Silhouettes I: Eric Gill

I have been fully immersing myself in silhouette art for a while now. I am attracted to it in ways I never would have guessed and for some reason it is resonating with me deeply and also influencing my work now more than it has in the past. Much of my love of the bold black aeas comes from british white line engravers - one of the more prominent of them being Eric Gill. Despite being a despicable human being, Eric Gill did fantastic engravings, many large sculptures and designed the font Gill Sans, which you probably have on your computer. He toyed with silhouettes but this was a natural off-shoot of being an engraver.
In choosing these images I somehow missed some of his more famous whiteline nudes. They are not iconic enough for my tastes so I probably would have ignored them anyway. Here are some great examples of his darker works:

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