Sunday, August 28, 2011


Image number 7 in the ten print Prospectus Series (as is building on my homepage). this still has a some minor cleanup and detailing work to do, but for the sake of on-screen viewing it is as it should be.
I like it just as well flipped. What appears like a demon head in the upright image is actually more similar to an elephant skull in shape and design.

Rise Again

Unless there are a couple spare prints up at the Merchant Co., the third and last printing of Unicorn Afire is officially sold out. This has been my most popular print over the past few years and I am going to somewhat put it to bed while at the same time resurrect it in a different form. I have decided to try to print the fourth run in a black & gold colorway - more in line with my current color choices in my work. Paper is cut & screens are thawing. If they come out to my liking they will be available online and at the Merchant Co. in the next two weeks.

Sunday, August 21, 2011


Can't wait to get all of these on my body. The colors in these prints by bongout and the brutish designs are just fantastic.
C. Bongout, Gfeller & Hellsgard

Monday, August 15, 2011


Part of the 2011 Prospektus. First completed state. I still need to add veins of gold to the stone structure. I hope it won't take away from the design/structural integrity but it relates to the gold used to construct the castle and references the material engagement of man and how he uses the materials for his own lofty means ignoring the effects on the frailty of the surrounding nature.
For years I have fantasized a vectorized drawing system that could be added into my handmade drawings that was built of pre-existing parts. Like a side-scrolling video game or Lego it can be quickly edited, copied, rotated, added to, and scaled to fit in with anything upon which I am working. I finally turned that fantasy into a real system and found it quite satisfactory to build a castle with it to add to the hand-drawn portion of this piece, from which I believe it does no detract but only compliments.